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This is the “teach” part of our three efforts (to teach, heal & reproduce).  We will have lessons here that explain the background, life and teachings of the greatest Rabbi who ever lived.



Here are lessons about words used in the bible (and often incorrectly by Christians).  Lessons here will teach about the correct meaning and usage.


Worship & church

“Worship” is the word most modern Christians use to describe their church meetings.  Did you know  the bible never calls church meetings that?  Not once!  So … what is worship?  And is church necessary, and if so - what for?

At the end of Jesus’ “Sermon on the Mount” the people were amazed at his teaching.  But that’s not what Jesus was trying to do.  

He wasn’t trying to attract an audience like today’s preachers - rather he was trying to educate and motivate his audience to change - to grow.  Unlike modern religions, Jesus wasn’t trying to “grow” a church numerically - rather he was helping each person to grow stronger individually.

Preaching to change was called “preaching repentance” in the bible, because “repent” means change.  So the last section of Jesus’ teaching in the Sermon on the Mount was telling them that they needed to act on his lessons, not merely be entertained or inspired by them (Matt. 7.24-28).

The lessons here are (will be) about the bible, wisdom, growth to maturity and strength, charity work, spirituality and other things.  But this teaching must be accompanied by action, or it is a complete waste of time!     

We’re trying to copy Jesus & provoke change  

This happens if you remember this silly word: “LADI.”  Like in the chart above, first you learn the lessons here, then you act upon them (DO something), then you invite someone else to join you in this good work, and/or you teach them what you’ve learned.  This is what Jesus trained his disciples to do, and it’s what we must do.  

Living this  lifestyle is a skill

We can’t just study it & know it - and expect to get value from it.  That would be like a person reading a diet book, and expecting to lose weight.  One must also ... DIET!  

So as you study the lessons here ... Remember to do your “LADI,” to act on it, and invite someone to join you!

Jesus said:

Why do you call me, ‘Lord,’ and don’t do what I say?

Everyone who:

a)  comes to me,

b)  hears my words and

c)  acts on them,

I’ll show you whom he’s like:

He’s like a man building a house, who dug deep and laid a foundation on the rock; and when a flood occurred, the torrent burst against that house and couldn’t shake it, because it had been well built.   

But the one who has

a)  heard and

b)  has not acted

… is like a man who built a house on the ground without any foundation; and the torrent burst against it and immediately it collapsed, and the ruin of that house was great.”

Do you understand what Jesus said?  He said that hearing + action = strength!  This is why so many religious people are weak, struggling and pitiful.  They hear, but don’t take action.  They’ve memorized lessons and bible verses … they’ve studied “the rules” - but they don’t take action as Jesus said to do.  Failure to act is failure to grow.  Failing to grow means you are doomed to be brittle, fragile, fearful, stressed, and unproductive.   

Remember it’s never too late.  As long as you have life in you, you can change (repent).  God can help you grow - yes, even you!

Join us as we learn to build our lives on a solid foundation -

be indestructible!


Godwor 101

This the basics of Godwor - what we teach, what we do, and why.  Start here

“Heal” Lessons

These lessons describe what we mean when we say “heal.”  It’s about doing miracles, but being compassionate and effective

Godwor 101 Heal Lessons

This is no Bible Class

Bible classes are like classes at school, where we learned information.  This is more like coaching - we’re not merely learning information, we are developing skills.  We aren’t here to get smarter or to be more ‘correct,’ but to get STRONGER.  Our goal is to become strong, resilient, mature, capable, effective, and even a bit competitive.   Come here to grow.  

“Those who run a race all run, but only one receives the prize.  Run in such a way that you may win.”

Strength (faith)

Grow stronger, tougher, more durable.  Say goodbye to stress, worry, anxiety and fear.  Faith is poorly taught in churches - it’s really just spiritual strength.


Teleios is a Greek word with no English equivalent.  It’s used in philosophy and the bible to describe a kind of spiritual maturity.  It’s growing to be a ‘real’ man or woman - a strong, spiritual adult.


2:  Luke on Discipleship

We teach, heal & reproduce because that’s what Jesus did.  We are his apprentices, or what the bible calls “disciples.”  We’ll study Luke to learn how Jesus selected & trained disciples, and we’ll grow with them.

3:  Wisdom

No need to travel to India or take a philosophy class to learn wisdom - it’s right there in your bible.  These lessons teach practical wisdom for every person.

1:  Bible Overview

These lessons introduce will introduce you to an overview of the whole bible.  Learn these basics first - and you’ll be able to make the bible work for you in daily life.

Bible Lessons Luke Lessons Wisdom Lessons

Exercise, Nutrition & Rest: start here

Growing spiritually is like growing physically.  To get stronger, have more endurance, greater flexibility, one must have the three basic elements in just the right measure, for a particular part of one’s life: Exercise, Nutrition & Rest.  The lessons on this page give you access to the proper diet and suggest some helpful exercise.

Exercise is action…  

It’s doing something.  It’s obeying Jesus when he advises us to care for the poor, orphans, widows, sick, thirsty and disadvantaged.  It’s not: ‘going to church,’ or ‘being good.’  Start your “exercise” program by beginning with the “Good Sam” ideas.  While you’re doing those things, check out the intro lessons to our ideas about “healing” in: Heal 101 lessons.

Rest is fun & recreation…

Rest is Sabbath - naps, recreation, fun, play, goofing off!  

Fellowship & camaraderie: team

God made (most of) us to be social animals, and sometimes we need fellowship of our “own kind,” not just to be with outsiders.  This was His intention for church, and it’s our aim to help you build a Godwor group with whom you can fellowship.  

Nutrition is God’s word…

Most of the material in this section is about “nutrition.”  

Just as our bodies need protein, carbohydrates and fat in the proper proportion, so we need to “eat” to feed our spiritual bodies.  Also, the needs of our spiritual selves change as we grow.  We start with “milk” - and grow to solid foods over time.  

On the right you’ll see three series of lessons that should serve you well as you’re getting started … these are your “milk,” until you grow up a bit.  The three areas you should start with are these:

You should seek to get an overview of the bible, and what it’s about and how you can use it to grow stronger.  You don’t need to become a scholar, just learn your way around it.  Second is to study the life and teachings of Jesus, from Luke.  You’ll see how to serve an apprenticeship there.  Finally, you need wisdom to learn how to handle the everyday things of life.  God is the “engineer” & “designer” of this world and it’s inhabitants.  If you learn to live in harmony with his design, you’ll find life is much easier!

Good spiritual nutrition starts with the three essentials below, which will take you (and your partners, hopefully) 8 months to a year.  

Get a little bit of ‘wisdom,’ learn the basics of following Jesus, and get a general overview of the bible - what it is, what it’s for, and how it can help you.