Wisdom calls out - he who listens to her will live securely and be at ease from the dread of evil

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Everyone needs advice from time-to-time.  Unfortunately, most of us don’t realize we need it until it’s too late and we’re already in trouble or have already made fools of ourselves.  

Let’s handle it differently.  Let’s learn wisdom together so that we can live better ourselves, prevent problems before we make fools of ourselves, and so that we’re in a position to help others.

Our great teacher, Jesus, did just this.  He grew up studying God’s wisdom from the Hebrew bible and it showed throughout his life and his teachings.  If studying wisdom helped Jesus become wise and loving, it can do so for us, too.  

Also, as any great teacher/healer can tell you, we are better when we train first before we try to help.  Firemen and lifeguards are not allowed to serve without first having training.  Same with doctors, dentists and school teachers.  They learn their craft, and in the process they become better themselves.  

Our business is God’s business, and His business is helping others. Let’s learn to be good at it!  

The lessons on these pages: sequential and random  

We need to start with the basics to learn wisdom first … to know how to recognize true wisdom from just what looks like wisdom.  For that I’ll try to go in order and teach lessons that way.  Find these lessons here

But life goes on … even while we’re learning … so, there will be ‘random’ lesson here, too.  This is just like the Proverbs themselves, which are pretty random.  For that I’ll try to write an article and publish it as a .pdf, audio or video … and then announce it through the wisdom blog,  - - but also - - - have links from this website.  You can see a “feed” from the wisdom blog to the right —–––––––––––––––––>  

For the sequential stuff and links to the random articles, see the next page:
Wisdom Lessons.”

If you have questions, comments or suggestions, post them as comments in the wisdom blog, and I’ll read them offline and respond.  
Wisdom Lessons


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Honey is sweet to your taste, so is wisdom for your soul.  If you find it, there will be a future, & your hope won’t be cut off.  Proverbs 24.13-14