“there’s nothing better than to be happy & do good”
- Solomon


“We are His workmanship: created for good works”

(Ephesians 2.10)


“Come here, we need you”

So many people suffer, struggle and die in our world every day, it’s hard to pay attention.  Natural disasters, starving kids, people without water, bad governments … it’s too much!  

Yes, it’s too much, so we turn a blind eye.  We all tend to concentrate on our lives and problems and just “tune out” the hassles of the world - because it’s just too much to handle or think about every day.  But is that good?  Is it enough that we give to a random charity once in a while to soothe our conscience, but let the problems of the world go ignored?  

We don’t want to completely tune out the world’s struggles, but dealing with it constantly is too much.  So how about a reminder to give just a little bit every week, in some small way?

We’ll put articles here to try to do that.  Just come to this page once a week or so, and see if there are new articles, and let it be your reminder to put your mind and attention on others.  To learn what’s going on, and learn how to help just a bit.  

Stay tuned for articles to appear below

DO GOOD - Make a Difference

There’s too much suffering in the world,

and I’m only one person:

what can I do?  

This is the heart of Godwor: helping people.  

Most people want to help, but we get sidetracked or confused or overwhelmed by everyday life.  

How can a regular person with a job, a family and a life … also help other people in a meaningful way?  

The answer is: “go to school with Jesus,” learning how he did it and how he taught his followers to help people. Jesus’ teaching included demonstration and participation.  He invited people to join him in his ongoing work, and as they walked around with him and watched what he did and how he did it, they learned. That’s what we’ll try, also: to set things up so you can learn (see the ‘heal lessons’) while you’re participating (See ‘start here’).  

Our world is considerably more complex than Jesus’ was, but there are some simple ways to start - then you can work your way up to the more complicated and challenging things.  

While you and I eat, go to movies, laugh and play -  someone suffers, struggles, hurts and dies.  We can’t change the whole world, but we can save a few lives!  

We can console a few hurting people.  

We can protect a few from harm.  

We can educate a few and change their lives and their families’ lives forever.  

Just a few at a time, we can help one small part of the world to smile and know that there is a God, and His servants are working on His behalf to help.  

It isn’t easy or fun.  “Play” is fun.  It’s nice to be popular, to look good, and to have lots of friends.  It’s fun to play video games and watch TV and to mess around online.  But work is work.  It’s how we can care for ourselves and our families and our friends - but it can also spill over to help others who are desperate.  And helping the hurting is the most rewarding life possible!  It may not be fun, but it is rewarding.  It’s a challenge - an adventure - a test of your compassion, your strength and your resolve.  The question really is … will you give yourself the gift of fun while others are suffering, and you do nothing to help?  Please take the time to start, to learn, to participate, and to invite a friend to help along with you.  

People are dying for you to rescue them

Is it really More Blessed to Give than to Receive?

Supposedly the Rabbi Yeshua (Jesus) once said that it’s more blessed to give than to receive.  What did he mean by that?

Simply that those who are giving, caring people are not only a blessing to those they help, but the giver also gains!  It is true: a giving lifestyle makes one stronger and wiser and brings contentment, peace and joy that can be found in no other way.  When Jesus said, “Blessed are the peacemakers, the merciful, and those who have suffered for justice,” he was actually giving his followers a clue to the kind of lifestyle that leads to spiritual and emotional maturity, strength and peace.

We are discovering this to be true by simply trying it, to see if it works; and it does.  

This website is to help you learn the lessons Jesus taught and to help you discover ways to serve that will help others, bless you, and to which you can invite a friend to come along.  We hope you’ll discover the true happiness that comes - not from an organized religion, but by forming a group of friends who simply follow Jesus for the good of it.  

Worthless People  

Jesus told the story we call “the prodigal son.”  The word ‘prodigal’ doesn’t mean evil, sinful or murderous.  It means “wasteful.”  We use it because Jesus said this young man “wasted” or “squandered” his inheritance.  This is a story told many times in the bible.  Mostly it’s found in the small obscure books in the Old Testament called the prophets - books of prophecy.  That’s because sometimes God would bless Israel and make them rich, but they’d turn a blind eye to the poor and needy.  

Our world today is like that.  While “Christians” in the USA bemoan the moral decline of our nation and spend time and energy to push a political agenda, we turn a blind eye to the needy people living among us or abroad. How many times have you discussed the “immigrant problem,” while failing to help an immigrant?  It’s easy to talk - hard to find a real solution and take action.  The result is that we’ve become worthless.

People who call themselves “servants” of God (Christians), and call Jesus Lord (Boss, Master) but fail to actually do the work that He asked us to do - are making God look bad, and proving to be themselves: worthless.  

Jesus told a story about judgment day.  He said that people would be divided up into categories … not by what church one attended, or the kind of nation he was born in, but by the way he invested God’s gifts.  Those who ‘invest’ wisely in doing good for others, are to be given even more.  Those who don’t … will be condemned with these words:

“Throw out the worthless slave into the outer darkness; in that place there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.”
Matthew 25:30

If you don’t know that story, you should. You should go back and read the entire section - it may be the most important thing you’ve ever read.  Matthew 25:14-46 … Jesus’ last words before he was murdered.