The Bible Lessons

The bible is more than you may know.  The bible is a powerful tool.  It’s beautiful when used correctly and for the right purposes: to give hope, and training in wisdom and compassion.


Random Lessons

This page has various bible-related lessons for those who are always hungry for more!  


The Torah

Another series I taught at a tiny church, but for now this will give a decent overview of the context of the “Torah,” which is the law of Moses, or … the first five books of the bible.  Usually we study these texts out of context, and so they’re useless.  But the truth is that these are the foundation of everything in the whole bible.  To neglect the Torah is a horrible mistake.  Listen to these, and hopefully they’ll encourage you to study further.

Getting to know God - start here

The Bible claims to be the inspired “Word of God.”  If this claim is true (Is it? Click here for answer) then we can actually “listen” to God, and get to know Him if we will learn how to study the bible.  Read this again, s-l-o-w-l-y:

You can get to know God, Himself!  

Notice this isn’t about learning rules.  It’s not about discovering what church to attend, or who’s right or wrong.  It’s about getting to know the supposed author Himself.  If you take the time, and gain the skills to study the bible, you’ll learn that it’s really profitable!  It’s the single most valuable education you can have - even better than a PhD!  

And what’s cool about this is that you don’t have to take anyone’s word for it.  It’s not up to anyone’s interpretation but your own.  In these lessons, I’ll teach you how to access the bible and interpret it for yourself without interference from religious teachers, preachers, denominations, or others trying to profit from God’s word.

But where does one start?  Some people try to read it through, but it’s hard.  Too hard, I think.  So here’s what we recommend: Get an idea about the bible by starting with a ‘general overview,’ so that you know what it is you’re holding and reading.  You’ll find those lessons below.  Just start with ‘lesson 1,’ and go from there.  

Next, allow time for 3-5 hours a week for the next 8 months or so, to study from these three areas:

Bible Sweep, Discipleship in Luke, and Wisdom.  You’ll find each of these categories here on the Godwor website.  Just do a little of each of these a few times a week, by following the Godwor lessons here.  It’s even better if you partner with someone and do them together, or at least review them together.  At the end of the 8 months or so, you’ll know the bible better than most people who have attended church for their whole lives!  More importantly, you’ll know how to study it for yourself.  You will also learn the wisdom of God for daily living and you’ll learn how to be more like Jesus - the greatest teacher and healer of all time.  

The best way for you to do this is to find a friend or a few friends, and then do this together.  You can meet online, or (like the first churches) have a dinner meeting, where you eat and socialize and talk about the lessons.  Whatever is comfortable with you will make God smile - honest!  You don’t have to go to a “holy” place - but you must do something that will get you started and keep you going.  Usually people do better in groups of friends or family.  Don’t hesitate - this is great, great stuff, and your life will be made much better, because you will grow stronger & tougher by doing this.

“... the sacred writings are able to give you wisdom ...

All scripture is inspired by God

and profitable - for teaching ... & training in justice”

2 Timothy 3.15-16


“Sweep” thru Bible Overview

These lessons will be a sweep through the whole bible, to give you a general idea of the whole thing and what it’s about.  The first 12 lessons are recordings from a class I taught to a specific group, but it works.  Find them here:


Luke & Discipleship

This is the book of Luke - with a focus on being a disciple or ‘apprentice’ of Jesus.  They’ll be recorded from a class.  Click here

Luke Lessons

Understanding God’s Word (The Bible)

Lessons in this space are about learning what the bible is, what it’s for, and how to understand it  in order to make it useful.


Bible 01 - What is the Bible

We’re taught the bible in a way that may contain some truth, but it’s not useful.  We need to understand that God intended the bible to be useful (profitable).  If it’s useful, it helps us be better human beings, parents, citizens, employees, family & friends.  


Bible 02 - Understanding Context

Each ‘book’ of the bible is a document written by someone and to someone, in a certain style, and within a cultural and historical framework.  If you don’t understand that, you’re doomed to listen to silly preachers who say things like “the bible says,” and then they quote stuff completely out of context and make us stupid.  Don’t be stupid - watch this video.   


Bible 03 - Overview of O.T. History

Major moments and movements in Israel’s history.  Knowing this is the first step to knowing context in general.


Bible 04 - Where the Bible fits in

Each of the books of the bible was written by someone - to someone.  Now that you know the history, we’ll see where the bible fits in, so we know to whom it was written.  Only after we understand that can we hope to understand what the bible has to do with us!

Memory Work Documents

OT Dates

NT Background