Random Bible Lessons

The lessons on this page are things that just “came up” while I was studying or thinking or doodling or whatever.  They’re offered here for those who are hungry for the bread of life



Psalm 20 formatting

The first one, so find it on the left

Fun with Formatting: Psalm 20

I copy text into Word, then format it in a way that’s useful to me.  Others have found this to be a helpful way to study the word, too.  This is the first of what will probably be many vids where I’m just going to show  you how I format it and thoughts I have on a particular text.  

Is the Bible True?

“... the sacred writings are able to give you wisdom ...

All scripture is inspired by God

and profitable - for teaching ... & training in justice”

2 Timothy 3.15-16

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Is the Bible True?

This video will show you how to know

Everyone has an opinion.  

Here’s a short video to teach you how to make an informed decision for yourself.

What’s a Rebirthday?

Read this article to learn about our strange celebrations.