Partner with Us

Jesus invited people:

“follow me”   

He was asking people to learn from him & obey his teaching (of course), but it was more than that.  Jesus was also asking people to:

       join with him and do what he did: teach, heal & reproduce.  

We don’t ask people to follow us, but to join us in following Jesus - to be our partners, our “fellow workers”

Why? What do we want?

First, we want teammates

It’s more encouraging and challenging when a group of people tackle a problem like providing clean drinking water in a small village, or helping build a school or orphanage or to find a good charity that already has a proven track-record.  

Second, we want to be more effective

We’re more efficient when we pool our knowledge and our efforts as a collaborative group.

Third, we want to help you … to grow

The teaching is the same for all Godwor groups, and with today’s technology advantage, one teacher can work for lots of groups at the same time. Our common goal is to trust and obey God, love & care for human beings … but a side effect is personal growth.  Each of us, as we travel this pathway, will grow stronger, more durable, wiser, and closer to God as a result.

So - we ask you to help us by partnering with us.  That means that together we learn by looking at how Jesus did what he did, and then we apply those lessons in our modern world.  We start small, and then (hopefully) someday grow into lots of small groups who are all little teams of friends and colleagues who are easy, efficient, and focused on doing the work God wants done: to help people, and make this a better planet.  

How to partner with us if you’re here in OC  

Just get in touch (see contact stuff to the right), and we’ll meet in person, via phone or the net.

If you’re from outside our area

Contact info is the same, but to get started on your own, read the guide below.

This site is built and paid for by me (Kirk).  It’s my effort to teach people efficiently.  And yes, it costs money - but mostly it’s time intensive.

I’m not working at a regular job - so I can devote my full time to this work.  

But this is about to change.  The time is coming shortly when I’m going to have to return to work full time.  That is, unless (by God’s grace) people will offer financial support for me and my teaching.  

Of course I’d like to do this full time and not have to have a regular job.  That leaves me in a tough spot, because I’d also like to not ask others for support.  

So here I’ll put a link for support.  If enough comes in for me to pay my mortgage, food and medical expenses, I’ll keep doing this full time.  If not, I’ll cut back here and go back to work.  

One final note:
I’d appreciate some feedback on this.  If my request for support takes away from the work of Godwor, I’ll remove this request.  Let me know if you think this is the case.  You can reach me at: kirk at Godwor dot kom.  
Supporting this Site

How to get started …

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Contacting Us

It’s best to contact us through facebook, G+, by commenting on the blog, (see below) - or -

as a last resort, you can send a note to kirk at godwor dot com


Join, belong, participate & support



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How to get started …

Jump to the GODWOR 101 page to get started

We aren’t asking for money   

What we’re hoping is that you will:

Partner with us or

Start your own group  

We meet in homes or other ‘free’ places, have no staff, no overhead, and so no expenses.  

The only expense involved is whatever you save for your own travels to serve or help - or to support someone else who is doing that.  So in that sense, it is a very expensive effort.  Jesus asks us to give our all (Luke 18.22, etc.) - but he doesn’t ask us to give to church!  Rather, we are to give our time, our money, and our energy to help other humans - and we should do so efficiently.