Local Things (things we might do regularly)

Nearby Things (couple times a year)

Mika is the Costa Mesa community redevelopment group I told you about.  

I’m hoping Ross and/or DH will check this out and report to us about it -

This Costa Mesa kitchen has been reviewed, and is not for us.

Heal Ideas

Here we brainstorm and test different ways to care for others - effectively.  


“Go International” is the group that Matt Barkley went with to Nigeria. I don’t know anything about them, but their website is interesting and helpful.  They do an outstanding job with their page for short term missions … it’s good info for people thinking about going.  I hope someone does some more research on this group or maybe I’ll have time to do so eventually.  http://www.helpgonow.org/

About this page

This is a page for listing and sharing ideas about “healing.”  These are ideas for those who are looking for opportunities to help people to recover from disaster, meet basic needs for health, education and welfare.  As we’re just beginning, we are just trying these things out.  We want to start somewhere … and then as we learn and grow, we’ll get better and wiser.  

Let’s encourage one another to get started right away doing something(s) locally, planning to do something nearby that we can do a couple times per year, and eventually have a couple of big projects that we may be able to take vacation and travel to help once a year or so.

Specifically, we’re looking for opportunities where the needs are greatest, the help is rarest, and where we are able to make a real change on behalf of God.  

If you have ideas that aren’t listed here, please send them to us.  If you will try some of these, please let us know how it goes so we can learn from your experiences.

Big Deals (once a year stuff )

These are things some of us might combine to do once a year or every other year.  We might consider joining a team headed to a faraway place to dig water wells, assist a medical team, or other projects that require a big investment of time & money.  

MMDR - Living Beyond Yourself

Sharla’s checking this out to see if it would be a good match for us.  These are people who prepare for disasters, provide medical help, and have an ongoing work in Haiti.  (http://laurakurk.com/2012/01/03/living-beyond-yourself/)  

This is stuff we may do in nearby communities - things we might do a few times a year.  These are too big usually for us to do all the time, or even for any couple people to do alone - these are like the Amish having a barn-raising, or a spring break activity, or a special fund raiser.

Host a Blood Drive (see this Red Cross site)

Yeah, we could host a blood drive, and get local friends, colleagues and others involved - and use it to give glory only to God (not a church, ministry, or business)

Sponsor a Fundraiser (like Charity:water or Christian Relief Fund, etc.)

What if we had a soccer camp, a 5k, bike race or other local event to raise money for a particular cause?

Do your own VBS or kids’ activity  

How about having a fun activity at your house for the neighborhood kids to give mom a few hours off?


Lindsey is researching this for us right now.  We found a group in El Paso that builds houses in Juarez.  There are others who do similar works all along the border of Mexico & US.  If we combine the skills of older guys who know construction and younger, stronger folks (HS & College) … this might make an excellent Spring Break and/or Christmas break activity.  Head down to Mexico for a few days of good hard work, and help a family to have a house.

Acting Out!

A traveling children’s theater group that visits and performs plays/improv for children’s hospitals

Healing: Bring joy into kids hospitals

NEEDED: contact hospitals, find/create  slapstick/physical material, assemble a crew, rehearse

TEAM POSITIONS: coordinator; patient/family liaison; crews of 5 or 6 members

Acting Up!

A one or two week workshop for kids in hospitals to learn a skit and a song and get the chance to perform for their families and hospital staff

Healing: Bring joy and purpose into kids hospitals

NEEDED: contact hospitals, find/create  easy kid material


A program that can outreach with art to kids in hospitals.  Encouraging and exposing kids to different art mediums; painting, pottery, ceramics, etc.

Healing: Bring joy and a creative outlet into kids hospitals

NEEDED: contact hospitals, recruit teachers

Summer Street Series – or -  EnergyAvenue,

A fun series/program we can establish in our neighborhoods to outreach to families. (Website?)

PURPOSE: Giving families and neighbors a fun way to build relationships.

NEEDED: host family (disciple); activities that are easy to implement (Messy May Activities, Scavenger Races, etc); maybe create a website to post ideas to?

These are things we should do often.  Whereas many take out several hours a week for a TV show or sports event, we’re encouraging one another to “sacrifice” just a small amount of this time to give to someone who has a greater need.  

Be prepared:

One can take training classes, like to be a counselor/chaplain, or to help local emergency officials

Random Groups

(these are just random things we might check out)

PIP is the group with the Ship of Life in Cambodia.  They have lots of other ministries there, and now are doing some things in Myanmar.  Not sure if we’ll get to help them, but they’re the best.