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Intro to Godwor, Lesson 1

Modern Christianity has a bad reputation

Here are some common issues with modern Christians:

· Christians are seen to be too political

· They seem to be unloving toward anyone who doesn’t share their ideas of morality

· They are at odds with science

· Some have strange superstitions and odd practices

· Some are just boring

· They spend more time recruiting others than helping or serving others

· They seem to want money

Interestingly, there are Christians who agree with many of these observations, and are embarrassed by it.  Some have stopped attending church, others have tried to “fix” their churches or have rebelled against them, or all three.  There are books, movies and websites about the problem.  

This is why Godwor has come into existence.  

Jesus was a great man.  Whether you believe he was the Jewish Messiah and/or son of God or not – most people believe Jesus was a great man, personally.  

So if churches are unsatisfying, unhelpful or have some sort of problem, and Jesus was great, why not simply shift our focus?  Instead of living a church-centered life, let’s find out what Jesus actually intended and follow his example.  We seek to live a God-centered life, following Jesus’ example.  

People who are associated with Godwor will be different from what one might consider a typical Christian.  Instead of focusing on church activities, we’ll focus on the same things Jesus focused on: helping others and finding allies in service.  A movement of helpers – developing helpers – in the same way Jesus did.  

Wash your brain clean of church stuff, and consider the man, Jesus.  He had one purpose, and did three things to accomplish that purpose:

Jesus’ (and therefore our) purpose = “Seek & save the lost”  (or: rescue people)

Jesus’ (and therefore our) Tasks     =

“Seeking & saving the lost” is partly about eternal salvation, but not entirely.  It’s also about taking care of people as whole human beings.  Jesus helped people physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually.  That’s what we mean when we use the word “heal.”  Not just his miracles, but all the good things he did for others – and showed his followers how to do.  

The question for you is this:  “What kind of person do you want to be”?  

· If you want to grow wiser …

· If you want to be compassionate …  

· If you want to get healthy, strong, and tough emotionally & spiritually

· If you want to bring others with you in this quest

· If you love a challenge …

· If you like discovering what you can do, and what you can become …

… then Godwor is for you  

· If you’d rather focus on be popular…

· If you’d rather be religious…

· If you’d rather be self-centered, lazy and comfortable…

· If you’d rather be wealthy, funny, attractive …  

· If you’d rather receive sympathy and pity for your weaknesses …

… then Godwor will be disappointing to you  

Following Jesus is not about “church,” the way we know it.  

It’s about becoming a certain kind of person:

One who loves the challenge of growing into a better person daily, and  

Wants to associate with others so inclined – to be part of a team

This website will focus mostly on the “teaching” aspects of Jesus works, since that works better on a website.  Check out the lessons and learn more about what it means to love God and serve man – without (necessarily) being a churchy person.


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take this self-test:

Can I be a better human being? (Stronger, wiser, more caring)

Would it be easier to grow alone - or with partners?

Do I know someone who also might want to be a better person?

When you finish the quiz ... grab your friend and join us!

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