Heal Lessons

“Heal” here means simply doing good works.  It’s about learning to feed, help, protect and rescue people from harm.


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When I get them here, there will be an overview of the lessons to teach the basics of “healing” Jesus’ way - and what we try.


Getting started

A simple, step-by-step guide   

Heroes and Rescuers

Firefighters, Military ,

Police & Lifeguards are

rescuers or “Saviors”

- just like our teacher & hero:


Consider the possibility: could you learn to be a rescuer, too?

Jesus said his purpose was: “to seek and save the lost,” and we call him “savior.”  Those of us with a church background tend to give those words vague meanings that release us from much responsibility.  We think Jesus’ only purpose was to save souls, and that imitating him means having bible studies in our homes or dragging people to a church service, which we desperately try to make cool enough to be bearable.  But what if we let those words have their natural meaning?  

A savior is just a rescuer.  Firemen and Lifeguards do different kinds of rescues, and yet they’re both saviors - and so it is with those who want to be like Jesus.  Jesus taught people, and he saved souls.  But he also healed sick people, touched lepers, fed the hungry, and rescued prostitutes and “sinners” from their tragic lifestyles.  He rebuked the religious people who used ‘loopholes’ in the Torah to relieve them from being responsible for their parents care, and he even welcomed children to him (which were little more than slaves in those days).  

Jesus rescued people from eternal punishment, but he never failed to help their physical needs, either.  Even when huge crowds followed him - he saw the poor widow weeping at her only son’s funeral.  Jesus thought and worked like a rescuer.  He was always looking out for the needs of others!  From Jesus’ perspective, he was doing his Father’s business.  

What about us?

This is where it gets really interesting, because Jesus said if we’d take on the same job he had, we would find “rest for our souls,” because, he said his job was “easy” and his “burden was light.”  What Jesus meant is that it’s actually an easier job to look out for others than it is to look out after ourselves!  He really believed, taught and lived the idea that it’s more blessed to give.  And he demonstrated it every single day.  

Let’s see if Jesus was telling the truth.  Learn from the lessons on this page, and you’ll discover that “healing” or rescuing others is actually the best way to give yourself a life filled with the contentment enjoyed by those who are so strong that storms and hardships become just minor inconveniences.  Just try it.  Guaranteed results.


What makes a good work ‘good’?

Some good deeds are better than others.   

Growing as a healer/rescuer

Like a child: start small - and grow stronger, smarter and more capable.  

Helping Godwor Help

As we first start out, we’re learning that some charities and good works are better than others.  It takes time and effort to do the research.  Help us to find the best.  

Are you worthless?

What gives a person value?  Are you special because your mother thinks so?  The true value of a person is determined by his or her impact on the world each day.  If you go to bed each night and haven’t improved yourself or the world….


Godwor’s Three Zones of Healing

We can do some little things every day, some once every week or two, and some require a lot of work, money and prep.    

What the bible says

Failure to care for others has been the single most neglected thing throughout the history of  God’s people.  Read what God thinks of it.  

(Hint: He’s not happy!)

Healing 101 Heal 101

Lessons Topics

We are different than most “ministries” and church stuff.  

For instance:
We prefer to partner with non-religious groups  
We’re doing research to find who’s doing it well and efficiently.  
We want to do real good - not merely look good or make us feel good.   

To understand our philosophy, visit our healing lessons page.